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Sick and Tired

I have lots and lots of pictures to post; but I have lost my camera. Life has been crazy with sick kids. The cold or whatever that we all caught in Texas lingered and lingered for Sophie and Ben in the form of runny noses and coughs. And Sophie just didn’t seem to get back […]

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Lenten Break

Ben and me with ashes I didn’t mean to go away for a week unannounced. I did in fact write an announcement that I’d be breaking for the first week of Lent. But somehow it didn’t get posted. Oops. And then of course since I’d turned off the computer I didn’t notice. Mea culpa! I’m […]

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Welcoming Lent

Here’s my list of must-read Lenten blog posts: First, see Karen Edmisten’s wonderful omnibus post on A Meaningful Lent. Then check out Conversion Diary for a Lenten reading discussion. Kate Wicker has a wonderful list of ideas for observing Lent with children. I’m definitely going to try some of these! And finally, evlogia on Lenten […]

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Our trip so far

Ben’s been monkeying around. The ids all discovered Bristle Blocks. Sophie had fun coloring with Grandma. Bella enjoyed painting with her artistic Uncle Tim. Grandad reads stories. And wears the girls out with walks to the park. Uncle Tim is a favorite with everyone.  

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“You Be Daddy…

… and I’ll be mommy.” I’d not yet seen Bella doing role playing before. I was amused when I heard her suggest it to Sophia. Sophie was having none of it though. She wanted to be mommy too. At an impasse, Bella sat herself in the stroller and decided to be a little girl.

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Imaginary Friends

“Gina is my little girl.” Gina is the first and foremost among Bella’s coterie of imaginary friends. She’s Bella’s daughter and appeared at about the time when Ben was born. Bella told stories of being in the hospital for Gina’s delivery. Sometimes Gina is a dol. Other times she seems to be in invisible person […]

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