Still Life, Kitchen Window

Still Life, Kitchen Window


The setting sun shining through my kitchen window caught my eye this evening.

You can see the clutter it’s accumulated in addition to all the stuff that’s supposed to be there. One of these days I’ll get around to clearing it off. This is a sort of memo to myself. And a peek at some of the nitty-gritty of real life here in Casa Bettinelli.

On the far right, children’s Tylenol and baby shampoo. Put there to be out of reach of little hands. They should be moved to the bathroom cabinet.

The various glass bottles are supposed to be there. But they are all a bit dusty. Probably greasy as well. he hazards of glassware in a kitchen that actually gets used.

In the middle, next to the ivy, an open jar of bubbles that has lost its wand and lid. I confiscated it some time at the end of the summer so that Sophie could not spill it. And there it still sits.

And speaking of the ivy in a jar, please don’t notice how green that water is.

Behind the statue of Mary is a little vase with the last flower Isabella picked for me this fall before everything died. It has exploded into a white puff and the water is very green. Ick!

The flower pot on the far left contained Bella’s attempt to grow an apple seed. It sprouted, grew two leaves and then died.

Sitting on the saucer in front of the pot is the food coloring. Last used to dye eggs at Easter, I think.

On top of the flower pot is a box of matches. Stowed there during the Christmas season when we were lighting candles nightly. The matches kept being left on the table where Sophie could reach them.

On top of the box of matches there is a box of Culturelle, probiotics for the girls.

And thus ends the tour of my messy kitchen windowsill.

Guess what I’ll be doing on Monday.


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  • Barbara, I don’t teach anymore. I stopped just before Bella was born. But I did teach at Salem State College an Montserrat College of Art.

    Jessica, Too funny. The more things change…

    Katherine, I doubt it.

  • We have a similar issue with our 9- and 6-yo boys.  The 9yo is “the enforcer.”  He thinks it’s his job to stop the 6yo from doing all sorts of things that the 9yo has decided aren’t right.  It’s a tough line to walk as the parent because there is a good intention (teaching and leading) in there, even if it is mixed with some problems (self-importance, hypocrisy, and occasionally enforcing rules that don’t actually exist).  And, of course, if the 6yo were in immediate danger, it would be good for his brother to step in and stop him; and I don’t want to raise a tattler either.  So it can be a bit tough to figure out.

  • I don’t suppose it would make you feel any better to tell you that my 14 and 12 year old daughters who share a room still do this at times. They no longer ask me to referee, but the older likes to sing and the younger sometimes just wants quiet. It helps that the older one just got an ipod for her birthday and can now listen to music without disturbing her sister.

  • Betty, too funny. For all she hates Bella singing, Sophie insists that I sing to her until she falls asleep. Tonight I almost I sang myself hoarse. Sometimes I think I might prefer a ‘shut up.’