Sisters on a Rock

Sisters on a Rock


Bella and Sophie enjoying the sunny weather and melting snow. This is the first time Sophie’s actually gone out and wandered around in the back yard in weeks. She just can’t handle wading through the snow.

They even ate most of their lunch (peanut butter and jelly tortilla wraps) on the go as they ran and played.

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  • Thanks, Katherine,

    I inherited the thermometer from one of my former roommates who left it behind when she moved out. It is pretty, isn’t it? I love the way it catches the sun.

    I’m afraid I usually only notice the statue of Mary when Sophie asks to hold it. (It’s plastic so I have let her chew on it since she was a baby and she’s very attached.)

    I am very fond of those curtains. I got them at Walmart the week we moved in to this house. I put the curtains in the bathroom and the valence over the kitchen window and they make me happy every time I notice them.

  • I can relate to the memo to clean but I thought I’d tell you what I saw when I looked at your picture:

    I’ve always wanted one of those thermometers and have never gotten one. Maybe this year I’ll get one. It is wonderful how much light that kitchen window lets in even, and especially, in the evening! I hope in our next home I have such a big and useful kitchen windowsill. (My current one is only 1.5 inches deep and barely holds anything.) How wonderful to look up from the grime of the sink and see the Blessed Mother looking down on you, blessing your efforts in your vocation that revolve around the kitchen. It must be nice to have greenery by your sink while you cook and clean – look at how the leaves catch the light! What pretty curtains!

    Have a blessed Sunday!