Nursemaid’s Elbow

Nursemaid’s Elbow

This has been the week of doctor visits and the house looks like a tornado has gone through. Tuesday I had my physical with my new GP. A great first impression. And he put me on thyroid medication. So that was fun. Then yesterday was Ben’s six month checkup. And then there was the unexpected drama of today.

Yesterday within an hour of coming home from the pediatrician, I noticed that Sophie was favoring her right arm. Last year she’d wrenched the elbow and we had to have the doctor put it back in place. I called the doctor, dreading having to get all three kids dressed up and head right back out, and she referred me to an orthopedic specialist. Who could fit us in today at 11:30.

In hindsight I probably should have called our pediatrician back and insisted we get seen yesterday afternoon; but I really didn’t want to go out again. It was almost nap time; Ben hadn’t had his morning nap and we were all tired after our excursion.  And Sophie didn’t seem to be in pain or bothered by the arm except when she tried to use it. If I had known how long the night would be, I would have bestirred myself.

Sophie woke up screaming every couple of hours. It didn’t take very long to resettle her each time. (Except the time when Dom tried to go in because I was nursing Ben. Not Daddy! Only Mama would do.) But add in Ben’s usual wake ups for nursing and one early morning potty trip for Bella, and I was up and down like a Jack in the box all night long.

This morning we were all pretty well wrung out and Dom called his office to report he’d not be coming in. The hours until 11:00 seemed long indeed.

Sophie was energized by the idea of going to the doctor and was wanting to put on her boots two hours before we needed to leave. When we got there though she was dismayed at it not being her familiar doctor. She was not happy to have a strange man prodding her sore arm. She screamed when I had to lay her down for x-rays. And continued to sob hysterically during the rest of the examination.

When it became clear to her that it was winding down she spoke up, however. “Sweater on,” she insisted first. Then, “Go see Daddy,” who was in the waiting room with Bella and Ben. And finally, “Back home now.” She did muster a very weak goodbye for the doctor when we were heading out the door. It was safe then because she knew with her coat and hat on and my arms safely about her that he wasn’t going to attack her again.

She fell asleep in the car on the way home and slept for a good two hours at least. She’s still been favoring her arm; but it doesn’t seem to be as painful. We’ll see how she’s doing in the morning. Hopefully tonight will be better sleep. So far so good, no wake-ups yet from Sophie. Last night we’d already had to resettle her twice by now.

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  • I should update this. They had to do an emergency c-section this morning. Betsy writes: “Anna Fay Marchand was born at 11:40am. 5lbs even 17.5 inches long. I get to see her in a few minutes. I already got to kiss her sweet face. She is strong and beautiful. Thank you all for your prayers.”