Ben at Six Months

Ben at Six Months


I can’t believe this baby boy has been with us six months already!

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  • Whew! Glad the new ‘jamas meant a bit more sleep. We had the same issue – Cherub started sleeping better once we ignored the loud protests and stuffed her into rejected thick winter pyjamas instead of the summer nightie of her choice.

  • I wish we could find something similar to work for Bella. The thick fleece winter pajamas with feet she can’t navigate to get on and off by herself to use the potty in the middle of the night. The lighter weight two-piece pajamas make her chilled enough she has to have someone tuck her back in under her quilts after a night time excursion. Either way, we’re getting up with her.

  • How about two piece fleece or flannel PJs and Bella wears socks to bed?  (My Ivy loves wearing socks to bed.) Or try flannel sheets.  (I am all about being warm in bed—-being cold wakes me up too!)

  • Hmmm…. I’ve never seen 2-piece fleece pjs in the stores. Maybe I can find some online… same with flannel sheets. Though there the same problem still holds—no top sheets for a toddler bed and she can’t seem to get herself under the covers satisfactorily. 

    Bella does love wearing socks to bed. They just aren’t enough.

  • LL Bean and Lands End both have them—you might find them at a local Sears with a big Lands End dept (the Burlington Mall has one).  Many are on sale at this time of year. (LL Bean’s are somewhat expensive, but they last—so get green and they can all wear them!)