2009 Retrospective

2009 Retrospective

I’m still finishing up with the old year. Not quite ready to let go and move on.I have a few posts I want to polish up of books I read in 2009 and never blogged about. I plan to spend some time going through my unfinished blog posts. Plan.. but in truth life will probably get in the way.

Anyway, Here’s a little something I put together on new year’s eve. It just took me a while to finish editing it and export it.

I made this slideshow primarily for myself. This is what I want to remember from 2009. It’s mostly the kids, of course. Some of our garden that I was so pleased with. A celebration of our life.

I don’t expect that anyone except immediate family will want to watch all 11 minutes of it, though.

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  • Did you know that is why angels and prophets have wings in iconography?  Because they carry the Words of God to us, as messengers. 

  • Yes. Over and over again she points me back to the heart of the gospel. My little angel. (Generally I’m not a fan when parents refer to their children as angels—too theologically sloppy—but Bella really does carry his messages in a special way.)