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Tree Buying

We bought our tree on Saturday. I don’t like to get it too early. But I don’t want to risk waiting too late either. We bought it from our local boyscout troop. Last year Sophie was too small to pay much attention to the tree. This year she’s fascinated. Dom and I enjoyed reminiscing about […]

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I’ve decided to add a new category ‘wishlist’ to my blog and I will occasionally throw up items that have caught my eye which I’d like to buy for myself but aren’t currently in my budget. This is mostly for my own reference so I can find them again. But I thought if I like […]

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The Narrative Progresses

This morning Bella informed me that Bella is home from the hospital and feels better. She evidently had many good friends visit her there. She still can’t pick anyone up, though. Interesting how this story has progressed in something like real time. I’m fascinated by the dissociative nature of the narrative, how Bella is telling […]

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So I guess that makes me St Anne?

Have I mentioned that one of Bella’s dolls has been christened ‘Baby Jesus’? And Bella pretended that holy Mary came to visit. Well there’s a new development. Now according to Bella, “Bella’s in the hospital. She’s getting better. She’s having a baby.” I think right now Bella is pretending to be Holy Mary.

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Fighting the Fussies

We used to have three kids who mostly slept through the night with an occasional disturbance; but things have been different in the aftermath of the flu. Sophie and Bella have been waking up almost every night and sometimes multiple times a night. Last night, for example, Sophie was up at 1, 3 and 5; […]

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Hungy Ben

Poor Ben. He had to wait while I finished eating my taco. I did eventually feed him. A brief pause for a “what are you looking at. And then he was eating the plate again. No, he’s not teething.

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Baby in the Manger

Today after Mass we paused on our way out to chat with the visiting priest. As we were standing there, I saw Bella eying the empty manger and watching a girl place some straws in. I could tell Bella wanted to place some too. Although it’s supposed to be place a straw for each good […]

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We Woke to Wonder

A world full of snow… and St Nicholas too! I lay in bed letting Ben finish up nursing and heard Bella calling: “Snow! It’s snowing. There’s snow on the fence and snow on the swings and snow on my table!” When I got up, I found two little girls standing at the back door all […]

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