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Christmas Picture Books

Here are a few of this year’s favorites. All of these picks meet the criteria that the girls love them but even more importantly that I look forward to re-reading them not only now but for many Christmases to come. Good King Wenceslas illustrated by Tim Ladwig. I love Tim Ladwig’s beautiful illustrations. They bring […]

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Advent with Bella

The Virgin Mary has come to live at my house. Sometimes she also answers to the name Bella. Can you see the baby Jesus tucked in her mantle? Today she even dressed the part, wrapping herself in my lap blanket and cradling her ‘Baby Jesus’ doll. This evening I found her giving baby Jesus a […]

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Ben the Lap Desk

Often in the evenings my sister minds Ben while Dom and I do the girls’ bedtime routine. Ben loves falling asleep face down on her lap. And she continues on with her crocheting and watching her shows on her lap top while he acts as a nice lap warmer.

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In the Bleak Midwinter

Are you getting tired of snow pictures yet? Too bad. I’m not. We didn’t make it to Mass this morning. For obvious reasons. Instead we had a leisurely morning and watched the Sunday Mass at the Basiica at Notre Dame. Dom is loving his new snow blower! Bella cooling her heels on the back step […]

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Mother Mary, Speak to Me

Bella, standing on the stool next to me in the kitchen as I mix the cookie dough is talking to the statue of Mary that stands on the windowsill above the sink: “Holy Mary, we have a statue of you praying and another statue of you with your hands stretched out and another one of […]

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