A Couple of Catholic Board Books

A Couple of Catholic Board Books

An old review from the archives that somehow never got posted. I’d add a few books that we’ve fond since I wrote this if I were going to be completist; but i’d rather jsut post it and move on.

Where is God? He must be playing hide and seek with me!

A cute lift-the-flap board book. The baby and his dog go hunting through the house looking for God.

Where is God? Peek-a-boo! Is he hiding in a shoe?

Under each flap is an animal, who then joins the search: butterfly, mouse, duck, rabbit, cat, turtle.

Where is God? Now I see! He’s inside of you and me!

The final flap, on the baby’s torso, reveals a heart with a cross in it. I always add to Bella, “Jesus is in your heart.” “Jesus in my heart,” she echoes.

It’s cute and fluffy. Lots of animals to point to. The ritual of opening the flap: “It’s a rabbit!” Bella loves it. After a few repetitions, I’m done. Oh but I do love to hear Bella’s little voice saying, “Where is God?” when she reads it to herself.

Now Sophie loves it too. Loves all the animals and the process of opening the flap. What is it about lift the flap books and toddlers?

Baby, come to church and what do you see? Candles glowing, windows shining, Daddy, down on one knee.

A nice combination of images. A diverse assortment of babies and toddlers with mommies and daddies. Also crucifixes, stained glass, daddy genuflecting before the tabernacle, a priest standing at the altar with a chalice and paten, a choir singing. A simple rhyming pattern that goes on to ask what the baby hears and then what the baby does and finally what the baby knows: “Jesus loves me and takes care of me wherever I go!”

The book ends with a prayer for parents. A nice touch, though in the second sentence it falls into the too common pitfall of becoming a list for the reminding parent about how to parent and not really for God: “When they see us make the sign of the cross, genuflect before your Eucharistic presence in the tabernacle, or enter and leave church reverently, may they learn to always turn their innocent hearts to you.” A good reminder about how to be a good parent, if not a great prayer.


I know I’ve written before about my disappointment in the available selection of quality Catholic board books. Now, though she still likes board books occasionally, Bella is into the picture book stage; but Sophia is just getting to that point where we might just sit and page through a board book. Or at least I page and she grabs and chews.

And now I’ve managed now to find a grand total of three Catholic board books. And they’re ok but none of them are phenomenal.

What I’d like is something high art. Which you can find in the secular market. We have Van Gogh, Degas, Monet board books and they are lovely. But for some reason impressionists seem to be ok for kids. Good religious art, not so much. Any publishers out there? Any one? Maybe I’m the only mother who would buy them. Maybe there really isn’t enough of a demand. It’s too niche. Ah well.

Of course since I wrote this Bethlehem books has answered my call.

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  • I love the tree skirt poncho! We have had quite a few of those pictures as well. This year my 12yr old was walking around wearing ours.!

  • Sophie—Yes… with a little encouragement from Mom and Dad.

    Dolly actually isn’t on the tree. It’s garlands piled on the couch. Bella said it was a nest for Baby Jesus.