Stoic Sophie

Stoic Sophie


This morning we ventured to CVS to buy some desperately needed toothpaste and diaper cream. Not having the sling, I put Ben’s carrier in the shopping cart and let Sophie walk along with Bella. She’s not used to walking around in stores and she enjoyed the hands-on experience.

When it was time to go she wanted to continue to wander about the front of the store to examine the merchandise. I continued to walk towards the door, figuring she’d eventually get anxious and come running. But no dice.

I pushed the shopping cart out through the sliding doors and no reaction. The doors slid shut. Still no reaction. Sophie just stood calmly and watched me, no expression on her face. (We call it her stony face.)

Bella, however, was not so calm. As the door slid shut, she began to whimper. As we continued through the second set of sliding doors it continued into full on wail. I turned back and went back through the doors for the still calm Sophie, scooped her up to carry her outside. She didn’t complain or fight. But her bag of cheerios did spill all over the floor. Bella joined me in bending down and picking up all the little Os, such a helper! I’d hate to be the mom who left a mess at the front of the store for everyone to crunch through. Sophie remained unflappable throughout. (But when she got up from nap she panicked when I put her down in a chair just a few feet from where I was making dinner! Go figure.)

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