The Under the Weather Report

The Under the Weather Report

The flu came raging through here late yesterday like a wildfire and now all three children and three adults in our household are sick.

My sister started feeling ill a couple of days ago and started to realize it wasn’t just post-surgery icks but that she’d probably caught what I had.

Bella, who had been coughing occasionally all morning, woke up from her nap yesterday afternoon with a cough and a fever.

By evening Dom had a tickle in his throat and was starting to feel achy. He made a dinner-time run to the grocery store to lay in supplies for the coming, week. And thank goodness he did.

Sophie went to bed early. She didn’t wait for prayers and stories. Straight to bed and was asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow. About two hours after we put her to bed she woke up screaming. And throwing up. Sophie threw up two more times in the night and then woke a fourth time with no vomiting, just needing to be resettled. Bella was great at notifying us when this happened. 

At some point in the middle of the night I realized Ben had a fever too and administered Tylenol. 

Now Sophie is feverish, though hasn’t vomited again. Bella has a runny nose and a cough. Ben has no symptoms so far but the fever.

Yes I’m going into much more detail than anyone else needs to know; but I need to record all the details to keep it straight in my own head and this is as good a place as any. This way I only have to write about it once.

We’ve got a running joke in our household about the similarities between a toddler and your drunken college roommate. This morning poor Sophie has exceeded herself. She sits glassy eyed on the couch in her pink Red Sox track suit with dried vomit in her wild mane of hair, clutching her cup of water and idly pinching at her exposed belly. (Yes, we’ll give her a bath and wash the hair at some point but right now it would cause her more distress than it’s worth. I’m picking my battles)

If you can’t laugh at your troubles, you might just break down in tears, overwhelmed by it all. Right now we’re managing. The kids have all nodded off. No one’s going to Mass, of course. 

Prayers are greatly appreciated, of course.

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  • Glad ya’ll are feeling better! 

    It all works out… I had turkey sandwiches and curried chicken one Thanksgiving after the dog ate the turkey, LOL.  A little muslim grocer was the only place open that day.

    Happy Thanksgiving and Good health!

  • I really wish I lived by you, I would bring you dinner.  Maybe someone could just get a turkey breast (cook quickly) and boxed stuffing and a pre-made pumpkin pie.  Truly, wish I lived closer.  One quick shopping trip and an hour, and you could have a passable Thanksgiving dinner.

    Well, I am certain you will enjoy your day together, relax, rest, and heal.

    Blessings to you and yours!

  • Sorry about your luck this week.  Hope you all feel better soon.  Some of the grocery stores and restaurants around our house do complete take-out Thanksgiving dinners- maybe there is something like that near your home?

  • I’m going to echo Renee’s sentiments and wish we could bring y’all dinner. We’ll be thinking of you today—and everyone suffering from flu over this weekend.

    Your strategy with Sophia reminds me of my own with whining children. “Time-out” is as much for me as it is for them!

    Get well soon!

  • If we lived closer I’d bring you some of our dinner. Do you live near a Boston Market where maybe you could get a kind of Thanksgiving dinner even if it isn’t all you wish you could make it be?

    Glad to hear you all are on the mend.