As if things weren’t dramatic enough….

As if things weren’t dramatic enough….

Now I’m sick. At bedtime last night I felt achy and my skin felt tender. This morning I felt downright wretched. Aches and chills, runny nose and please, please, please don’t touch me. I even havea wee bit of a fever.

It’s kind of sad when my sister who had her appendix out on Monday has more energy than I do and made sure the girls got lunch.


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  • We’ll pray for you all at Mass this morning. It’s hard to have everyone down at once! What a mercy that toddlers just kind of “check out” when they’re really sick. Hang in there…

  • I prayed for you at mass this morning. It went through our house the first week of November so I truly do understand exactly how you feel. With 5 sick children I resorted to charts on the wall with temps and who got what medicine when. Prayers for a speedy recovery and much patience.

  • Oh, poor babies and poor you folks! Here’s to a speedy recovery for all of you, and I hope you feel much better, very soon.

  • I guess going to the hospital wasn’t such a great idea ๐Ÿ™  Hope you all feel better soon, and we’ll be saying our night prayers with your family’s health as our intentions!  When you have sick kids in the house, it always makes it feel like you have twice as many kids, doesn’t it?

  • Sorry to hear you are all under the weather!
    Your “drunken roommate” comment reminded me of my axiom—being with a two-year old is like being with someone who is drunk all the time.  They cry, have poor motor skills, throw a tantrum, have little bladder control, insist on their way, etc.

    You gotta love ‘em anyway grin

    Get well soon!

  • How are things going? I hope you can still have a beautiful Thanksgiving, with some family around (unless you’re still contagious!!)
    Here’s hoping for a super-speedy recovery for the whole family!

  • DMinor, sounds like we’re on the same wavelength.


    We’re on the mend. Which, practically speaking, means much more crankiness. Toddlers who are very sick just lie there. Toddlers feeling better but not 100% whine and whine and whine. My nerves are a bit frayed.

    We’d planned on Thanksgiving with the family but have been uninvited. We’ve not had fevers since Monday so I think we’re not contageous; but I suppose I can’t blame my relatives for being super cautious. However, that leaves us without plans or preparations for Thanksgiving. Not to mention low on energy.

    I have a frozen turkey but not enough time to defrost it by tomorrow. Unless I brave the stores to find a fresh one, I guess we’ll be turkeyless.

    Oh well, thankful for our health and very grateful the flu didn’t put any of my babies into the hospital. If nothing else, we’ll at least be together and full of love if not stuffing and mashed potatoes.

  • Save your traditional Thanksgiving feast for next week when you are 100% well and you can enjoy it. For tomorrow, do something crazy weird like moo goo gai pan or spaghetti and meatballs. It will feel just like that movie with the Red Rider BB gun! : )