All Bounced Out

All Bounced Out

Another dinner time, another chance for Ben to fall asleep.


I tried him out in the bouncy for the first time last night. He lasted about 3 minutes. Tonight he stayed happy much longer because as many times as I told her not to, Bella would keep bouncing him up and down. Finally I realized that every time she stopped, he began to cry.

Eventually, though, she must have wandered off. He whimpered a couple of times and then fell silent. I looked up from my soup preparation to find him like this, lower lip stuck to the side of the seat.

This little guy has been keeping me up at night. Thus the dearth of any substantial writing round here. But at least he can keep you entertained with his surpassing cuteness.


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  • Those pictures are so cute, Melanie. I love being able to see them all together. I can definitely see that they are all related.

  • I love the name Benjamin too. I’ve been known to slip once or twice and refer to my Ben as Benjamin. Not sure why. I do think it would be far too confusing to have two Bens. Especially with the way nicknames proliferate at our house.