Catching Up

Catching Up

I weighed Ben and Sophie yesterday by the simple expedient of stepping on the bathroom scale holding them and then subtracting out my weight.

Sophie now weighs 25 pounds. That’s about what she’s been weighing. She’s finally wearing some 2T clothes but that’s mostly because I only have fall/winter clothes in 2T. The 18 month clothes still fit pretty well.

And Ben… Ben is 18 pounds!!!! He’s going to catch up with his big sister very soon if he keeps going. And I see no reason why he won’t keep going. He’s kept me up all night several nights in a row. My little guy who usually sleeps right through with maybe one wake-up. He just won’t stop eating.

I’m going to have to dig out the 9 month clothes. Some of the 6 month clothes he’s never even worn are already getting too tight.

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