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A Light in the Darkness

The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, on them has the light shined. I was inspired. So I went out to the front garden this afternoon with my shears and cut a bunch of greenery off the bushes. I stuck […]

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Thanks be to thee O God, my Father, for your many tender mercies to me your stubborn servant. Thanks to thee for coughing husbands and wakefull daughters and sleepless babies who roust my stubborn, selfish, sleep-loving self out of the comfort of my bed. For you who know me and love me, Lord, know this […]

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On the Mend

…which, practically speaking, means much more crankiness. Toddlers who are very sick just lie there fading in and out of sleep. Toddlers feeling better but not 100% whine and whine and whine. My nerves are a bit frayed. Sophie has a patented “Oh mommy, oh mommy, oh mommy,” whine that she can keep going for […]

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The Under the Weather Report

The flu came raging through here late yesterday like a wildfire and now all three children and three adults in our household are sick. My sister started feeling ill a couple of days ago and started to realize it wasn’t just post-surgery icks but that she’d probably caught what I had. Bella, who had been […]

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The Situation with Theresa

Update I took Tree her computer, so you might try to email her. Her cell phone was stolen. I can give anyone her phone# at hospital if you email me. Last night when we came home from my nephews’ birthday party my sister, who’d stayed home because of a headache, was complaining of nausea and […]

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Why all the photoblogging….

You might have noticed that things have been a little light here on the blogging front. Lots of cute pictures but not so much on the substantive, thoughtful posts. Baby Ben my good sleeper has taken a turn for the fussy. He looks so sweet and innocent doesn’t he? Not at all like a sleep-wrecker. […]

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Fall Leaves

After our walk yesterday,I spread out our collection of leaves and pine cones and sticks on a sheet of butcher paper. I loved the effect and grabbed my camera for a photo shoot. See detailed images here. Then I pulled out my sketch book and some water colors and attempted to capture a couple of […]

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