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Saturday Evening Blog Post

Have you heard about Elizabeth Esther’s Saturday Evening Blog Post? I like the idea of a a forum where people can share their favorite blog posts from the previous month. I also enjoyed reviewing what I’ve written in the past month. It was a tough call; but I chose to share Toddlers and the Spiritual […]

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The Mother of Invention

Sophie is teething. She’s getting all four of her canines in. For some reason she’s dead set against letting me give her either Tylenol or Oragel. However, when I first pulled out the bottle, she got quite excited. It was only when I extended the full dropper that she began to wail, “NO!!!” Finally, I […]

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L. M. Montgomery Book Giveaway

On Saturday I acquired a bunch of L. M. Montgomery books at our local library’s book sale. In my eagerness to snap up everything that I knew I didn’t have, I’d forgotten I already owned a copy of The Road to Yesterday. So now I have two copies. I’m struggling to find room for all […]

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