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Logical in Her World

Bella comes to the back door after breakfast, “My feet are cold,” she complains. “Where are your shoes?” we ask. Blank stare. “What did you do with your shoes?” Pause. “I took them off.” “Why?” “To walk in the water.” “Well, there’s your problem. It’s October. Go put them on please.” (Repeat instruction to find […]

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The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate

Thank to Melissa Wiley at the Bonny Glen for recommending this one. I really enjoyed it and don’t have much to add to her remarks. She says it all so much better. Of course I can’t help but add a few comments of my own, though. I know Lissa mentioned that it’s set in 1890’s […]

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Picture Books: Cats!

I’m always slightly jealous when I read about moms who put together themed baskets for their preschoolers. You know the ones that are all nicely coordinated with the seasons or a letter of the alphabet. Or both. Yeah I’m so not there yet. If ever. And yet on our last trip to the library we […]

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Indian Summer

I feel so much better today. (Thanks to everyone for the prayers.) It isn’t a cold or the flu, just complications from seasonal allergies and asthma: a sinus infection and a miserable wheezy cough. I’m not sure why a trip to the doctor and some antibiotics do the trick. Shouldn’t make a difference so soon […]

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Desiring the Happy Life

Let us always desire the happy life from the Lord God and always pray for it. But for this very reason we turn our mind to the task of prayer at appointed hours, since that desire grows lukewarm, so to speak, from our involvement in other concerns and occupations. We remind ourselves through the words […]

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Bella Cuts Apples

Today we made applesauce from the apples we bought last Saturday. I think we canned 7 pints. Bella helped me by cutting up the pieces after I’d peeled and quartered and cored the apples. She was so proud. but she wouldn’t eat the applesauce.

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The Saving Name of God the Son

FINALLY!!! I’ve written before about how the girls and I have enjoyed A Picnic with Monet and other books in the Mini Masters series of board books based on Impressionist artists. And I have been saying for a long time that some Catholic publisher needs to create a comparable series of board books with fine […]

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