Bella mentioned a new name today when she came in from playing in the back yard. Gina. Gina was evidently in the car when it tipped over. But she’s ok. Phew!

I asked, Oh, is Gina your new friend?”

“No, Gina is my little girl. She was just in my belly and then she came out.”

*    *    *

Yesterday Bella perched on the back of the futon and announced that she was sitting on the “roll gosh”. At least I think that’s what she said. Her Ls and Rs are never very clear. But when I asked she agreed that “roll gosh” was what she was saying.

I have absolutely no idea what “roll gosh” might mean. None.

*    *    *

Does anyone else have an issue with shirts being taken off? Especially at naptime. I keep finding Bella with her arms pulled up through the neckline of the shirt, the shirt pulled down around her middle. Today she cam out with her arm stuck in the neck of the shirt which was too tight to be pulled down over her torso.

I can’t figure out why she does this. Nor can I get her to stop.

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  1. pat scott November 3, 2009 at 7:00 am #

    delightful! love those captions…. fly away, fly away!!

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