What’s Been Happening Here

What’s Been Happening Here

Today the kids and I (can’t write “the girls” anymore) went to visit Dom and work and joined his co-workers for a birthday party in his honor. We had a great time. Bella ate pizza and cake and cookies and played with balloons. Sophie refused to eat more than a bite of pizza, had two or three bites of cake and cookies and laughed herself silly at the toy robot that hangs around in the office.

Everyone oohed and aahed over Ben. Of course.

Bella’s balloon died in the car on the way home. She was heartbroken.

Sophie fell asleep then woke as I transferred her to the crib and despite a solid hour of song and story refused to go back to sleep. So in the end only Ben napped today.

Ben had a cranky evening again and didn’t go down until almost 10 tonight. No sooner did I get him down than Sophie started screaming. It took me a long time to calm the hysterics and sing her back to sleep.

So once again all the blog posts I intended to write are going unwritten. And tomorrow we’ll be carving pumpkins and celebrating Dom’s birthday and his mom is coming for dinner, I think. Things might be quiet around this here blog until Monday. Or later. We’ll see. I’m going through writing withdrawal but oh well the kids come first.

See ya later, blog o’mine.

Oh. Here’s a picture of the girls snapped by Dom’s colleague, George. (He’s the one who took the stunning photos at Ben’s baptism.)


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  • My daughter spoke perfect English from a very early age but my son had his own language;I have forgotten almost of it and I am so sorry that I didn’t record some of his language e.g. he had a ‘dore linger’ – sore finger.  He used to wear ‘lops and longs’ – shoes and thongs (footwear) He used to refer to a bib as a ‘bibon’ and I was puzzled until I deduced that the only context in which he heard the word was ” come and I’ll put your bib on.”

  • Reagarding the shirts—she might be cold during the nap.  My daughter often pulls in her arms without really noticing.

  • Cathy,

    If anything it’s that she’s hot. The shirt is bunched down around her waist like a belt and her entire chest is bared. She’s pulling her arms up and out through the neck hole. Except for the shirts that the neck is too small. She got her arm stuck in the turtleneck.

    But I don’t think it’s temperature related because she’ll pull down the shirt and then wrap herself in a blanket.

  • I’m just impressed you’re reading this far back in your list.  But kids do seem to like to get themselves into twisty shapes….