L. M. Montgomery Book Giveaway

L. M. Montgomery Book Giveaway

On Saturday I acquired a bunch of L. M. Montgomery books at our local library’s book sale. In my eagerness to snap up everything that I knew I didn’t have, I’d forgotten I already owned a copy of The Road to Yesterday. So now I have two copies.

I’m struggling to find room for all these books. So I thought perhaps there might be someone out there who would like to own a copy of this. It’s not out of print, you can buy it on Amazon. But if you’re like me, you might have a limited budget for buying books. Or maybe you’re just a little bit wary of venturing beyond Anne. Anyway, I feel a need to pass this to someone who will appreciate it. So leave a comment below telling me your favorite moment from an L. M. Montgomery story. Is it when Anne dyed her hair green? Or when she got Diana drunk? Or do you prefer Emily of New Moon? Or Jane of Lantern Hill?

The Road to Yesterday is a collection of some of Montgomery’s short stories. They aren’t Anne stories, though Dr. and Mrs. Blythe do make their appearances. I won’t say too much more,though lest I slip and give something away…. Wait, that’s the idea right? Anyway, please leave a comment telling me your favorite Montgomery moment by next Thursday. Next Friday Bella will draw the name of a lucky winner out of a hat.

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  • Cecilia and Felicity have come to love that video of Jenny Jenkins you put up but, gosh darn it, if I don’t have the hardest time learning that refrain!

  • Oh I know it. I love the song; but can’t for the life of me sing it unless we’re watching the video. Without the music I get hopelessly confused on the refrain.