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Crouching Bella, Flying Sophie

Today was perfect high in the low 70s. High winds. Leaves blowing everywhere. I made bread. We carved a pumpkin. Sophie loved the pumpkin seeds. She ate a spoonful from the bowl when we were carving. She liked them much better though after Dom had roasted them. Grandma showed up just before dinner delivering a […]

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Bella mentioned a new name today when she came in from playing in the back yard. Gina. Gina was evidently in the car when it tipped over. But she’s ok. Phew! I asked, Oh, is Gina your new friend?” “No, Gina is my little girl. She was just in my belly and then she came […]

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What’s Been Happening Here

Today the kids and I (can’t write “the girls” anymore) went to visit Dom and work and joined his co-workers for a birthday party in his honor. We had a great time. Bella ate pizza and cake and cookies and played with balloons. Sophie refused to eat more than a bite of pizza, had two […]

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Thoughts on Halloween

At this time of year the Catholic blogosphere is abuzz with discussions about Halloween. Do it? Don’t do it? Why or why not? My sister-in-law sent me an email asking about some of the discussions she’d seen saying that celebrating Halloween is giving in to evil. I shot off a reply to the effect that […]

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When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead

This is another of those books that Melissa Wiley recommended. I am so, so glad I leapt to put it on hold at our library. I started it Thursday night at bedtime and read a few chapters. I finished it Friday afternoon during the kids’ naps. When I finished it I simultaneously wanted to go […]

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Bella Sprouts

Last night at bedtime prayers Bella knelt down beside the bed next to Dom. Watching her, I realized that her height while kneeling is the same as it was standing when we moved in last November. My how our little girl has grown!

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A Few More Photos

Saturday morning was rainy. While Dom and I cleaned house, I set Bella and Sophie up with art supplies at the easel. On one side water color paints. On the other side, sidewalk chalk. Much fun was had by all. Except maybe Mama got a little antsy about the chalk dust getting all over the […]

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