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My First Solo Day

My sister cooked for five hours yesterday, making an amazing moussaka. I’d planned to make it; but she just sort of took over and ran with it. This freed me up to do some cleaning and prep last night after dinner. I swept the dining room and washed down the table and the kitchen counters. […]

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A Perfect Steak Dinner

We went to the farmer’s market this morning, resuming our Saturday morning ritual. I’ll try to post some of the cute pictures I took tomorrow. WE splurged a bit and bought some steaks along with all our vegetables. Local grown from River Rock Farm. Dom spent some time talking to the farmer about their diet, […]

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Sleep Deprivation and Negativity

Today I’m thinking about this article on Sleep deprivation and negative emotions in the Boston Globe. A new study shows that “after being deprived of just one full night�s sleep, people not only have stronger negative emotions the next day, they are much more likely to remember bad experiences than good.” Very interesting. As a […]

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My wonderfully talented little brother has made himself a new website to promote his artwork, Inspired Designs Unlimited. I am so very proud of him and of his work. Check out his murals; his beautiful black and white portrait of my sister, Theresa, and me; his pictures of Bella as a baby.

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Email Problems

I’m currently locked out of my email program. We’re trying to figure out why. In the meantime you can reach me at my Gmail address: melaniebett(at)gmail(dot)com.  I also won’t receive notification of comments until this problem is solved. I will try to check for comments manually; but if I don’t respond that is why.

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About a Boy

I finally got Sophie to say “Ben” today—she’s been calling him “baby”—but she says it, “Bennnnnnnnn.” Bella has started calling him by his full name, “Benedict Joseph Bettinelli”—though she says it more like “Bettimelli”.  

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Bella the Beautician

Bella gave me a manicure and pedicure tonight at bedtime, using her butterfly barrettes as nail clippers. First she took my hand and grabbed my finger, “This is your ring finger,” she announced, correctly. She pretended to snip at my nail, “Oh this is very dirty. Let me just cut it….” Then she moved on […]

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You can’t go it alone

�You can never look for faith in isolation; it is only found in an encounter with people who believe, who can understand you, who have perhaps come by way of a similar situation themselves, who can in some way lead you and help you. It is always among us that faith grows. Anyone who wants […]

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