A Perfect Steak Dinner

A Perfect Steak Dinner

We went to the farmer’s market this morning, resuming our Saturday morning ritual. I’ll try to post some of the cute pictures I took tomorrow.

WE splurged a bit and bought some steaks along with all our vegetables. Local grown from River Rock Farm. Dom spent some time talking to the farmer about their diet, what breed of cattle. Nice to know where the food comes from. Not cheap; but so worth it. Dom grilled them up for dinner. Oh they were so good! To go with them, my sister whipped up a German potato salad with the new potatoes I’d bought this morning with bacon, red onion,  and a warm vinegar and mustard dressing. And a wilted spinach salad (the spinach also from the farmer’s market) with bacon, sauteed onions and a warm balsamic vinaigrette, toss some cranberries and orange on top.

A perfect meal, the potatoes, spinach and steak all balanced each other wonderfully. I ate about five helpings of the salad and two of the potatoes.

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  • Sounds just like the day you needed smile Keep the memory of it for when things aren’t as smooth, so you won’t think life is always crazy! I tend to forget the good days when I’m having bad ones, so I start feeling sorry for myself, ugh! And definitely, planning dinner ahead is a great help. Good job, Melanie smile