Bella the Beautician

Bella the Beautician

Bella gave me a manicure and pedicure tonight at bedtime, using her butterfly barrettes as nail clippers. First she took my hand and grabbed my finger, “This is your ring finger,” she announced, correctly. She pretended to snip at my nail, “Oh this is very dirty. Let me just cut it….” Then she moved on to another finger and another, occasionally switching to a new barrette.

“Oh, are you hurt?” she exclaimed after clipping one nail.

“No. I’m ok.”

“Oh, you’re hurt,” she ignored my protest, “Here, let me kiss it,” she kisses my finger, “There. Now very carefully, let me try this again.”

After she’d done my nails, she moved onto my toes. She clipped a few nails and the proceeded to put a scrunchy around my big toe and a couple of rubber bands on a couple of other toes.

Then Dom rescued me by declaring that it was her bed time.

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  • Thanks. Strangely all the Bettinellis seem to have decided he’s starting to look more like his sisters and me and less like his dad. I see their point. He does look awfully like Bella in that top shot. But I still think he looks like his dad. Cute little Sicilian boy!

  • Yeah, I can see him having Dom’s features. That picture of Bella and Sophie looking over Benedict is precious. I can’t wait to make a trip up there and visit.