Notes from the Home Front

Notes from the Home Front

Ben has terrible baby acne, his poor little face is so broken out. And he’s got horrible diaper rash. Poor little guy. His 1 month check-up is today. I’m eager to find out how much he’s grown.

My sister has been working 50+ hour weeks recently as there is much upheaval of personnel at her Starbucks branch. She took off the days when I was in the hospital and was able to help the girls through that hardest period; but since then she’s been so on the go. She comes home from work and collapses. And apologizes for not being able to help out more, though I totally understand. And now it turns out that she’s also severely anemic. She had a hematologist appointment on Friday and they gave her some iron via an iv drip and she’s been amazed at how much more energy she’s had. The nurses upon seeing her iron levels said, “Poor thing, you’re exhausted!” They were all absolutely amazed that she’d been working 50 hour weeks. So now they’ve got to find out why she hasn’t been absorbing the iron supplements that she’s been taking.

The girls are now in definite routine with my dad. Every morning after breakfast, Bella starts begging to be taken to the playground. They are going to be heartbroken when he leaves and the playground becomes a much more rare treat. Heck, I’m going to be sad to lose my quiet mornings with Ben.

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