Couch Shopping

Couch Shopping

Benedict (in the sling) and I test out a new sofa at Jordan’s Furniture.

My dad offered to buy us a new couch as a birthday present. As our current couch is one I inherited from my former roommates (pre-marriage) and which they in turn had acquired used from some neighbors. (I think for the price of a case of beer.)

So today we went furniture shopping and ended up with a navy-blue version of this:

I am a little tired and sore after all the walking. But very happy and grateful for the lovely new furniture, which should arrive in about four weeks. Hopefully we’ll be able to get rid of the old one before then.

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  • I’m sorry your recovery is progressing slower than you expected. I can’t say as I have any great words of wisdom you don’t already know. My only suggestion is to pick a date when you think you will be recovered enough to begin doing the things you want to do and focus on that date as a beginning and try not to worry about anything until then knowing that you aren’t physically ready to do them yet.
    As I saw every crumb and mound of dust mocking me, I decided August would begin my cleaning and until August I just told everything that needed cleaning that its days were numbered. I am obsessive about being organized and things being chaotic do eventually drive me batty.
    I hope your recovery will not take too much longer but, while it does, I pray you have patience and are able to just enjoy your family all day as you do at naptime.
    P.S. – maybe it will make you grin, but when you wrote in your last line “will do it all again,” all I could think was, “she can’t be pregnant again already!” I had to stop and think a minute. lol.

  • I’m sorry Melanie.  I hope you are able to force yourself to rest and force yourself to let go.  I struggled with that too and was painting my newborn son’s bedroom a mere five days after his birth because it wasn’t the exact right shade of blue.  Hugs.

  • It’s overwhelming, isn’t it? I reacted the same way when my mom came to help me after our two children were born – she came all the way from Europe, and I was horrible! I absolutely agree that the post-Csection is the worst part (even though the surgery itself can be really painful, no matter the drugs…)
    But it is overwhelming, and there are so many things to organize, clean, take care of, and you have to take it easy… I have a suggestion, and maybe it’s something you’re already doing. Since you do have help, but you feel the urge to take care of things your way, why don’t you pick just one area where you will be in charge? Something not too tough on your body, something flexible enough to leave you free to follow your kids’ needs. Don’t panic before the mess in your house, don’t do a bit of this and a bit of that, just to collapse on the couch and realize the house is not in perfect shape yet. Just pick one task that you can accomplish, and that will give you the feeling you are a bit in control. You have enough experience with babymoons now to know the chaos will more or less go away – there is nothing as difficult as the first two-three months. Also, don’t forget to let your dad spend plenty of time with Bella and Sophie – it will give you quiet breaks and give them the opportunity to make lots of memories (isn’t it sad when grandparents live so far away?)
    Love & blessings,

  • Thanks, all. It’s nice to hear I’m not the only one who goes through this. (G. Thanks especially for sharing that you were horrible with your mother come from Europe that makes me feel a bit better.) And for the reminders that this is just a temporary phase.

    I’m trying to target just one or two things a day; but it’s sort of cumulative, lots of little things add up and so the grand state of things gets worse and worse and there’s no way to stem the tide. For example, one thing that drives me crazy is the very light beige carpets which have only been vacuumed once since the birth. It’s totally minor in that it’s just cosmetic but sooo noticeable to me and one thing I can’t do myself and hate to ask anyone to do when there are other things like dishes and laundry undone too. And even if it did get vacuumed it would probably look like it hadn’t been done after just a day or two. Little girls and light carpets really don’t mix. Trying to let it go….

    Katherine, I do like the idea of setting a date. I suppose my six-week postpartum checkup. When that happens I’ll get back to vacuuming and cleaning my way.

  • It’s wonderful that you have so much help!  From my experience you’re feeling pretty normal.  Rest as much as you can, and if you feel up to doing things, have someone bring it to you.

    Take care, and we’ll be praying for your speedy recovery. smile

  • As a mother who has survived 7 c-sections I can understand and empathize. To think that was it one year ago when the doctors were diagnosing uterine cancer and now you are the mother of 3 children. So much to be thankful for!