7 Quick Takes

7 Quick Takes

(woohoo! I finally got around to downloading Jen’s graphic.)

At least once a day Bella and Sophia have to go out for an expedition into the front yard to go see the roses. (Of course I forgot to take a picture to illustrate. Take my word for it, though, our roses are glorious.)

One thing I do miss from the hospital: being right across the hall from the ice machine. That thing dispenses the absolute perfect cup of little soft ice balls that bring a cup of water or a cup of juice to the perfect temperature.

Benedict made his big media debut: �It�s a (Catholic) boy! Meet baby Benedict� by Michael Paulson, religion writer for the Boston Globe.

Sophie evidently thinks of the word “hello” exclusively in terms of the phone. When we read “hello” in Sandra Boynton’s Opposites book, she always cocks her head to one side like she’s talking on the phone.

I guess I really don’t have so very much to say. I’ve been doing lots of this:


And spending so much time doing this:


Oh and I took the girls for a “short walk” today while my mom watched the baby. That comprised of walking as far as two houses down, while holding two sweet girly hands. Then we came back. Sophie fell at least six times in that very short walk and I was terribly afraid one of her falls was going to be one she didn’t just pick herself up and brush herself off. As I can’t life anything larger than 10 pounds right now, that would have been a problem. Even walking so far was probably overdoing it; but I definitely feel much more up to things this time around.

So anyway I guess my performance was a bit of a let down. When Dom came home he had to do a “long walk” pushing them in the stroller (which walk I think went down a couple of blocks). And then after he’d returned he had to retrace his steps as Sophie lost her hat. He found it, of course, at the furthest point they’d walked.

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