Back in the Hospital

Back in the Hospital

So the pediatrician called around 5 to say we needed to go ahead and take Benedict to the hospital to be admitted for treatment because his bilirubin levels jumped since yesterday. So we packed up and headed back. Got a very warm greeting from all the nurses at the front desk who recognized us.

Spent a bit of time in the nursery checking in with the pediatrician, getting bloodwork done, etc. Then they actually put us in a room! The room right across the hall from where we were before. So I have a bed to sleep in while Benedict is here. Some privacy for both of us and a chance for me to rest at least. It’s not where I want to be; but it could be much worse. At least I’m near my little boy and can nurse him whenever he wants. And at least I’m no longer a patient so there shouldn’t be so many middle of the night interruptions.

Dom went and got sushi since neither of us had eaten. We had a nice romantic dinner just the two of us. Getting sushi has been our postpartum tradition but we hadn’t had a chance this time with all the driving back and forth he had to do to take care of the girls. So that was nice at least. He’ll go back home tonight while I stay here with Bene. We may be here a couple of days.


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  • Thank you for sharing your story, Melanie. I had never really thought what it must be like to anticipate a c-section after experiencing one (or more) previously. My only c-section was so much of an emergency – 15 minutes from the decision to operate to Cherub’s birth, and no labour first – that it was a very different experience. I was fortunate to have an exceptionally good anaesthetist who talked me through and kept me calm.