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Baby News!!! (not mine)

I am so very excited. I have two friends named Katherine, both met through blogs. Both they and their husbands graduated from UD, though I knew none of them while I was there. Both lovely women have accompanied me spiritually in the last months as we’ve all been joyfully expecting our babies. And today, on […]

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Busy Day

I’ve been busy. Partly because my brother hit my panic button yesterday when he counted up that I only have 18 days left until D-Day (of should that be B-Day?). I’ve been writing, just not here. Writing lists. All the things I keep in my head but that exist only in my head. They need […]

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We went to the farmer’s market in Hingham this morning. We got strawberries and beets and sugar snap peas. Scones and muffins and croissants and cookies and coffee for immediate consumption. I think I had a bit of everything. Oh the coffee was good; hard to restrict myself to just a few sips!! We also […]

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Please Pray with Me

We�ve just received word that my mother-in-law has been rushed to the hospital near her home in Maine with an infection in her leg and a fever. This is particularly serious because she�s had several knee operations, including knee replacement, and has suffered from infections in the knee, which required hospitalization and surgery. They had […]

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Rainy Friday

Went to the post office this morning. Funny to watch Bella circle and circle around the room, fascinated by everything. I gave her Dom’s Netflix envelope to drop in the slot. Oh what joy! Sophie sits on the counter next to me and observes from her own vantage. The lady behind the counter is starting […]

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Reading with Bella and Sophie

Isabella has Madeline memorized. She sits with the huge volume on her lap and turns the pages and recites the words as she flips. Almost always on the proper page; but sometimes reciting a page or two ahead of the one she’s looking at. Sometimes her intonation is very three, sing-song with her little mispronunciations. […]

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