The Hair!!!

The Hair!!!


What happens when Sophie pulls out the piggy tails and then takes a nap: Wild child.

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  • Melanie,

    Much thanks for this post. I can definitely relate. It seems like, when I was 9 months pregnant, I couldn’t fill my lungs enough to get out a whole hymn at Church, but when chaos broke out, I could somehow always fill them enough to let out quite a holler.

    I do want to say though, I think you are probably being a bit hard on yourself. That 9th month is not easy and it is harder to be patient and gentle when you are uncomfortable and can’t move easily and not sleeping well and in the bathroom once an hour. While I still have my moments, I know it has been easier for me to remain calm since having given birth. It is certainly something I need to and will continue to work on but I just wanted to offer some small comfort that it may be easier once little Benedict has made his appearance.

  • I have to agree with you about that first post you linked to so don’t let Dom tease you too much about that one. I didn’t find it funny at all. As my 11 year old reminded me the other day, “Sarcasm is the lowest form of humor.” Sadly, I have to admit that he first heard it from me.

  • Rest assured, I didn’t find that first one funny either. But it’s true that Melanie does tend to over-analyze humor.

    DO NOT watch an Adam Sandler movie with her!