Another Rainy Monday

Another Rainy Monday

Yesterday the hot water heater was rattling alarmingly and there was a puddle of water underneath it. This morning there was no hot water. So Dom called the repair guy.

Bella freaked out, as usual when a stranger invaded her space. Though not quite so bad as usual. She actually did venture out of her room and even sat within view of him and played with her play dough at the dining room table.  But she wanted to be carried if she had to walk through the kitchen past him.

Sophie on the other hand was fascinated. She wanted to perch on the kitchen chair and watch. Then she kept wandering in and stood staring at him. She tried to take some of his tools too. The only time she freaked was when he’d gone out to get something from his tuck and opened the front door suddenly while she was standing right in front of it. She was quite started and ran to bury her head in my lap.

The smell of grease threatened to drown out the smell of my bread baking. But the bread came out beautifully. I haven’t made a loaf in a while. Probably will be another while before I do so again. I wish I could figure out how to make a bunch at once and then freeze them but the recipe I use is for a standing mixer and it won’t deal with a double load of dough. And I’m too lazy to hand knead.

OB visit this afternoon, signing consent forms with the surgeon. Then he was a bit concerned about the baby’s heartbeat, the baseline was a bit low. So I was sent over to the hospital for monitoring. Just 20 minutes on the monitor, he said. Yeah right. I knew better than that. I was there for an hour and a half. Good thing I had a book. The nurses hooked me up and then didn’t come back for more than 40 minutes, though the doctor did poke his head in to read the tape, declare it looked fine and told me the nurses would be in soon to send me on my way. Yeah right.

I got very thirsty. Finally a nurse showed up with iced apple juice and graham crackers. I’ve noticed that maternity ward nurses have a knack of waiting to bring you something until the point when you are so thirsty and hungry that the juice and crackers taste like nectar and ambrosia. Is that planned?

The baby’s rate was fine on the hospital monitors. But then they were concerned that I was contracting. I was afraid for a bit they might not let me go home. But they did.

And as I opened my the car door in the driveway I was greeted with an ecstatic exclamation: “Hi, Mama!!!” Evidently Bella had been keeping watch. She gave me a huge hug. Sophie was excited to see me. And then had a meltdown. And my sister had picked up BBQ. Yum, yum, yum.

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