The Tumbleweed Lullaby Collection

The Tumbleweed Lullaby Collection

I’ve been meaning to blog about this, but it keeps slipping my mind. Probably because the cd keeps disappearing from my desk. A certain little toddler I know really loves cd jewel cases.

A while ago Dom ran into Catholic musician Michael John Poirier who gifted us with a copy of his cd The Tumbleweed Lullaby Collection. This is a beautiful collection of songs that I have grown to love playing for the girls. And would listen to even if I didn’t have children.

There’s one track, “O Saint Michael,” that gets stuck in my head. Haunting melody. I love it and need to learn the words.

The distributor’s site says you should be able to listen to the tracks; but it isn’t working for me on this cd. I was able to preview songs on some of his other cds, though. And here’s a site that has previews of The Tumbleweed Collection you can listen to and get a sense of the sound.

Most of the tracks are just a solo vocal and guitar accompaniment, which is a sound I really love—the simplicity and cleanness. there are a few tracks with piano instead of guitar and a few have accompanying vocalists.

Amazon says the cd has been discontinued. But the distributor’s site says they have it in stock so you can order it from them.

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Also, while I’m on the subject of music and children, check out this review from Minnesota Mom for a cd collection that sounds awesome. (I listened to some of the preview tracks and I really like the quality) Making Music Praying Twice (unfortunately the price is not in my budget.)

Although I must admit that the one component of the curriculum I’m not quite so excited about is the “kid’s songs”. I tend not to be a big fan of stuff aimed specifically to children, not only does it often underestimates the; but it tends to be the sort of stuff that grates on my nerves after more than one or two repetitions, if that many. So there are a few tracks on every cd that Ithink I would tend to skip. Or delete from iTunes altogether.

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  • Jane Yolen is one of my favorite authors.  She also writes Young Adult fantasy and, if I remember correctly, has also done retellings of fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty.  The illustrations are wonderfully detailed, and Beauty is a redhead, which was a plus (DD#1 is a redhead).

    Lots of good reading ahead!