Small Successes

Major bout of house cleaning this morning. Focus on the kitchen. I gave each girl a rag and Bella a spray bottle of water and they helped me clean as I scrubbed the trash can,  cabinet faces, the oven door, the dishwasher door, spots of food on the floor. Bella kept asking, “What should I clean next, Mama?” She wiped some walls and washed just about everything I could think to point her towards. Not much actual cleaning, I don’t think; but she enjoyed feeling useful. She did do a credible job dusting the chair legs under my supervision.

*  *    *

Yay! I just gave away a box of toys and board books via Freecycle. Oh there is so much more decluttering to do; but that was a real victory.

*  *    *

Sophie has taken to asking to get her diaper changed. She walks up to me and grabs at her diaper. Says something that sounds almost like diaper too. And when I ask if she needs her diaper changed she toddles off quickly to the changing table in her bedroom. Adorable.

She also has asked twice for me to put Desitin on her bottom. The other day she started screaming when I began to tape up the diaper, she patted herself on the bottom and reached toward the Desitin jar on top of the dresser. When I picked it up and asked if it was what she wanted, she smiled in that way that means, “You got it, Mama!” Funny girl.

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