We went to the farmer’s market in Hingham this morning. We got strawberries and beets and sugar snap peas. Scones and muffins and croissants and cookies and coffee for immediate consumption. I think I had a bit of everything. Oh the coffee was good; hard to restrict myself to just a few sips!! We also got fresh cheese (in a brie style) that didn’t make it home; Bella and I polished it off I don’t think anyone else got more than a bite or two. Salsa and eggs and popcorn and a mint plant. Bella played on the beach and we found a not too long dead horseshoe crab.

Then we headed over to the nearby state park for a little walk in the woods. Dom stayed in the car with Sophie who had fallen asleep. Bella and Tree and I didn’t go far, never out of sight of the car. But into the woods enough to feel the calm peace of green trees reaching up to heaven in a natural cathedral. Bella investigated a fallen tree trunk, picked up plenty of pine cones and acorns, told some stories about Pooh making the tree fall over, ran around and had a good time.

Bella gathers “haycorns.”

Bella shows off her treasures.

Home and Dom mowed the lawn while I filled up the empty nooks and crannies in little bellies with a bit more food and then put the girls down for their naps. Both were restless and I had to put Sophie in our room to prevent a repeat of yesterday’s romping. Then I slipped away to confession and a quiet rest in the church and then picked up milk and ice cream (mint chip) at the dairy across the street from the church.

Dinner was hot dogs and baked beans and the rest of the sugar snap peas with ice-cold limeade. And a few strawberries too. Followed by ice cream and then a bath for the girls. I love watching them splash together in the bath now. And then roll about on our bed.

Many things I’d hoped to do didn’t get done. No baking, no sewing, no housecleaning or organizing or getting ready for baby, no writing. And yet I am content that what was done was done well.

(Dom blogs about the morning here.)

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  • Funny, because I remember totally craving rice pudding when I was pregnant with one of my kids.  I would make it and eat it all myself.  : )