In the Mail

In the Mail

Thanks to Book Mooch, I am now the proud owner of The Original Home Schooling Series by Charlotte Mason. I can’t believe I’ve got them!

Now I just have to discipline myself to actually read them. Right now I feel a bit too fuzzy in the head to tackle them. Still, I am a book person. Just having them on my shelf makes me a bit happy. And I know I’ll get around to it one of these days.

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  • Thank you. I never can resist sleeping babies and toddlers. What I loved especially is how it looks like she was sitting up and then just slid over.

    I am very much enjoying the roses now because I have little confidence that I will be able to keep them alive over the long haul. I’ve not got a green thumb, much though I like pottering in the garden. I’m afraid plants unlike children, do not always thrive on “benign neglect”.

  • What lovely pictures. I particularly like the sleeping Sophie one. And I am very envious of your roses. I managed to keep two rose bushes alive for a couple of years, until Tevye dug them up because he thought they were dead. (Um. Dear. Rose bushes do look dead in winter …)