7 Quick Takes Friday

7 Quick Takes Friday

I cut some roses off our rose bushes and put them into blue glass wine bottles. I don’t have any bud vases, just huge bouquet vases and I don’t have enough flowers to fill those. I put one bottle of peachy-yellow roses next to my big statue of Mary in the front window and one with pink roses on the dining room table. Now I can smell them, ah sweet!

Yesterday Bella and I made a chocolate cake (from a mix) with cream cheese frosting. I’m never going back to buttercream. Cream cheese is so much lighter and it’s easier to cut down on the sugar.

Poor Sophie is getting her molars in and has been cranky and had little appetite. She hasn’t been sleeping well, either. At least she’s not doing this right as the baby’s born, though. Just imagine dealing with mommy gone in the hospital, a new baby, and teething all at once!

Next time I think I’m having a hard day of mothering, I’m going to go re-read this post

I finally got to bed at a decent hour last night and got a decent sleep. Achy back and rising humidity keep me from really getting comfortable though. But I don’t feel nearly so foggy today.

We had our last session of story time at the library this morning. Bella is really going to miss it. She was so confused when the librarian said she could keep her name tag. She’s so into the routine of giving it back at the end of the period.

The other day I overheard her in the living room playing at story time. First she sang the song the librarian always opens with. Then she announced, “Today we’re going to read some books about frogs.” And she proceeded to “read” a book about frogs we had checked out from the library. Then she sang Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and then went to color at the table.

Amazing how six weeks can cement a routine! But it was the, “Today we’re going to read some books about frogs.” that really slayed me. She sounded just like the librarian! Sometimes things come out of her mouth that sound about 3 years older than she really is. Of course that sometimes makes dealing with the three year old emotional roller coaster a bit harder. When she seems so mature one minute it can be hard to remember that she really is so very young.

I’m trying very hard not to go into a panic now that there is less than a month left before this baby is going to be born. Somehow, somehow, everything really will get done.

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