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Another Rainy Monday

Yesterday the hot water heater was rattling alarmingly and there was a puddle of water underneath it. This morning there was no hot water. So Dom called the repair guy. Bella freaked out, as usual when a stranger invaded her space. Though not quite so bad as usual. She actually did venture out of her […]

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Sophie’s New Do

Her hair is getting too long. Yesterday I experimented with piggy tails. She loved it. Also, we finally retired the high chair and promoted her to a booster seat at the table. It was way past time. Now she’s so much happier about meals. And already trying to climb in! It’s finally sinking it: she’s […]

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Picture Books from the Library

I’m noticing a trend. Recently whenever I decide I really, really like a picture book we’ve found it’s a poetry book rather than a story book. Not sure why that is. But there you have it. Here are a few of my recent finds from our library adventures. Listen to the Rain by Bill Martin […]

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The Tumbleweed Lullaby Collection

I’ve been meaning to blog about this, but it keeps slipping my mind. Probably because the cd keeps disappearing from my desk. A certain little toddler I know really loves cd jewel cases. A while ago Dom ran into Catholic musician Michael John Poirier who gifted us with a copy of his cd The Tumbleweed […]

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Me walking on the beach with Sophie, who took a few minutes to decide she could walk on the sand but then once she’d made up her mind it was ok took off down the strand until she fell in the mud. Can you see the fog bank rolling in on the horizon? Our usual […]

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The Day in Brief

A more modest day today. The grocery store this morning. That always eats the entire morning. Honestly. I started contracting halfway through the shopping list. The Longest Checkout Wait Ever. Oh, wait there was only one lady in front of me and she didn’t even take all that long. It was actually quick, it just […]

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More Nesting

Last night I emptied a gigantic box of papers. This box, mostly papers from my grad school days but some from my first years of teaching at Salem State, had moved with us from our first apartment in Salem to our apartment in Peabody and then from Peabody to our new house. It hadn’t been […]

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“Homosexuality: A Catholic�s Journey”

The Philosopher Mom directed me to this , three-part series at National Catholic Register. (Unfortunately the three parts don’t link to each other. (That’s the kind of site design oversight that drives me crazy.) This is perhaps the best piece I’ve seen on the topic. The author, Melinda Selmys, has such great insight into the […]

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Small Successes

Major bout of house cleaning this morning. Focus on the kitchen. I gave each girl a rag and Bella a spray bottle of water and they helped me clean as I scrubbed the trash can,  cabinet faces, the oven door, the dishwasher door, spots of food on the floor. Bella kept asking, “What should I […]

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