Sophie’s Baptism Day Celebration

Sophie’s Baptism Day Celebration

Yesterday was the first anniversary of Sophia’s baptism. But as I blogged last night the cake wasn’t iced and the present wasn’t wrapped before Sophie pooped out and needed to be put to bed. So we postponed until tonight. She doesn’t know the difference anyway.

A lemon layer cake I made for the occasion

Celebrating baptism days isn’t something I grew up with, it’s a custom I learned about through various Catholic blogs; but I like it and decided to adopt it for our girls. We won’t make it into a huge deal—actually, no holiday or occasion is really a huge deal in our laid back family—but I decided to bake a cake and give the girls a small religious item.

This year I found some lovely icon prints that weren’t too dear from the Orthodox Convent of St. Elizabeth the Grand Duchess of Russia in California. I got one for each of the children (Isabella will get a St. Elizabeth mother of the Forerunner icon on her baptism anniversary) and one for myself and a print of the Trinity as well. Sophie has already fallen in love with my St Melanie icon that I framed and put on my dresser. She loves to hold it and give it kisses. So I rather suspected she’d be pleased with her gift.

Sophie with her icon of St. Sophia and her three daughters

I was right. She loved it. More than she loved the cake even.

Bella insisted that there had to be a candle so I retrieved Sophie’s baptismal candle from my box of keepsakes and stuck it into a candlestick and lit it. Then Bella got down on her knees and crossed herself to begin a prayer. (This girl loves ritual!) So I improvised a prayer for the occasion. Then we gave Sophie her present. Then Bella insisted we sing, so we sang “Happy Baptism Day to You.” Then we ate cake and I hung up Sophie’s icon over her crib next to her crucifix. She definitely appreciated its presence there when I put her down for bed.

Sophie with her baptismal candle and her icon.

A simple celebration, like I said, but a nice family tradition to begin. I hope we will celebrate many, many more.

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  • Don’t you love the peace after the storm? You had a bad day earlier this week, but a really nice one yesterday grin Just what you needed.
    Do you and your husband ever think of having an “institutionalized” break for you, for instance every other Saturday, or something like it?

  • I asked someone else if it was a sad movie and they said no.  Then I cried at three different spots in the movie.  I’m not even pregnant!  Awesome movie, though.  I want to see it again.

  • GB,

    We’ve thought about it. I’m not opposed to the idea in theory. But the plain fact is that neither of us is a very scheduled organized person. the furthest any resolution we’ve ever made to do anything regularly has been discussion.

    I don’t know why but I start to get a little uncomfortable with scheduling anything regularly that doesn’t depend on something outside of me to make the schedule. That is, I’m fine with regular library story time for example but would have a hard time making a standing play date with another mom. Hmmm… now you’ve got me thinking. That may be the subject of a full blog post.