Skinny Legs and All

Skinny Legs and All


Bella eating watermelon on the ladder. Dom says, Can you believe this long, lanky girl? She’s definitely not a toddler any more. now that Sophie’s toddling around, it’s become quite clear to us that Bella is a little girl.

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  • Oh, I am so sorry you guys have such a rough day! I have such trouble finding the happy medium spot, too. You will be in my prayers, dear friend!

  • I hate days like that. And why do more things seem to go wrong those days?

    I know, especially recently as I battle dehydration, I have to make a point of doing anything I really want to do that day as soon as I have the energy for it and anticipate a later lull in my energy levels. I somewhat assume I will need a rest period at some point in the day. I never get everything done that I want to get done, but I get some done each day that way and, whether I should get more done or less done, it does help keep me from the extremes of not doing anything (which I can easily fall in to) and overdoing it.

    Hope your week gets better.

  • Thanks, Hallie and Katherine for the prayers and sympathy. It really wasn’t such a bad day as came across here. In fact, it was a fairly average day as far as ups and downs go. I’m trying very hard to work on balance, though, so I wanted to try to record exactly why it is that things spiral out of control when they do. Most days I lose control at least once, most days have a low moment I’m not proud to look back on. Most days also have moments of absolute joy. For example I didn’t record in this blog post the wonderful moment when I was sitting at my computer and Bella walked into the dining room and spontaneously knelt down with a little booklet (it was a label from a jar of fig preserves) that she pretended was a prayer book. She pretended to light some candles and then crossed herself and said a Hail Mary and an Our Father and then discoursed with me about the apostles and then repeated the prayers at least half a dozen times with more pretend candles. I took a video as it was so charmingly spontaneous. I’ll post it as soon as Dom is able to upload it for me. My old computer can’t handle videos anymore.