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The Sewing Room: Pleasures and Perils

Hooray!!! I finally cut and pieced the binding strips for Sophie’s quilt yesterday afternoon, machine stitched them to the front of the quilt, and began to hand stitch them to the back. I had the whole quilt, pieced and tied, finished except for the binding before she was born. Which means it’s been more than […]

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DAFFODOWNDILLY She wore her yellow sun-bonnet, She wore her greenest gown; She turned toward the south wind And curtsied up and down. She turned to the sunlight And shook her yellow head, And whispered to her neighbor: “Winter is dead.” —A. A. Milne from When We Were Very Young

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Just Like You

Reading Bella her naptime story. Sophie insists on climbing into Bella’s bed with her. Bella sits with her pillow propped against the headboard, blankets drawn over her lap, and turns the pages of a picture book while I read Pooh. Sophie settles herself with her back to the wall at the side of the bed, […]

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Playing in the Garden after Mass

Finally, a sunny day! We’ve been inundated with April showers all this week. Yesterday the sun broke through a couple of times; but it was generally gray gloom and mud. Though I did notice new blooms in the front bed when I ducked out yesterday afternoon. I snapped a picture of them this morning when […]

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Making Space for Prayer

Some thoughts inspired by Jennifer at Conversion Diary, who recently wrote about creating a dedicated prayer space in the home and asked her readers: Do any of you have a special place for prayer set aside in your homes? Any tips for getting creative to carve out a space like this in a bustling household? […]

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“Raised on song and story”

Check out this lovely piece by Alice Gunther on the importance of storytelling: Perhaps one of the blessings of family stories is that, when told by a loving storyteller, we are able to grasp something better and more real than could be conveyed by film or photograph � we see the impression etched upon a […]

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Nature Journal: Birdwatching

I’ve started keeping a pair of binoculars by the back door because all too often I spy an interesting bird that is just a bit too far away for me to see clearly enough to identify. Today I’m pretty sure I spotted a tufted titmouse hopping about on Bella’s playset. I’ve been seeing the little […]

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