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A Day Outside

Dom wanted to get an early start to the day. He went out and got gasoline for the lawnmower while the girls and I were still eating breakfast. When he came back and started moving all the toys and furniture out of the way in the backyard, I knew that my leisurely plan of spending […]

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7 Quick Takes

Thanks as always to our lovely hostess, Jennifer of Conversion Diary. Click here for more Quick Takes. —1— Have I mentioned that I hate the smell of lilies? I’m not sure why but I do. I think they are just lovely to look at but to me they smell foul (and they make me sniffle […]

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“What Do Jagulars Do?”

“Look Pooh!” said Piglet suddenly. “There’s something in one of the Pine Trees.” “So there is!” said Pooh, looking up wonderingly. “There’s an Animal.” Piglet took Pooh’s arm, in case Pooh was frightened. “Is it One of the Fiercer Animals?” he said, looking the other way. Pooh nodded. “It’s a Jagular,” he said. “What do […]

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Knowing Jesus

Since the center of the person of Jesus is prayer, it is essential to participate in his prayer if we are to know and understand him. . . . Therefore a participation in the mind of Jesus, i.e. in his prayer, which … is an act of love, of self-giving and self-expropriation to men, in […]

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On Being a Christian

The sun, the ride in the open air, the California breeze after a cloistered Minnesota fall had put me into a reckless mood for my live interview on Pacifica radio. “Do you consider yourself a Christian?” my host asked. I sighed and said, “My problem with that is that so many people who publicly identify […]

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Some Thoughts on Negative Examples

One of the books Bella found in my OB’s waiting room that she insisted I read to her was one of those overly-didactic lessons on disobedience. A litlte girl sneaks cookies from the jar and is reprimanded by her father for ruining her dinner. She chases a ball into the street, burns her finger on […]

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This Week in the Garden

On Saturday Dom hung up our new flag. I keep catching glimpses of it out of the corner of my eye as it flutters in the front window. I keep thinking it’s someone out there. I do love the bold bright look of it waving in the breeze, though. While Dom was hanging it I […]

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On Being a Lector

Being a lector is a unique experience; it feels nothing like reading poems, my own or anyone else’s, to an audience. And it’s certainly not a performance; no emoting, or the monks would have my hide. The Liturgy of the Word is prayer. You pray the scriptures with, and for, the people assembled, and the […]

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