“Come All You Who Are Weary”

Sophie’s getting to the point where more often than not at nap time I nurse her and then she pulls away still awake and wanting to play. Nevertheless despite her protests i tuck her into her crib with her dolly, knowing that she might fuss for a few minutes and then she’ll be right out and sleep for a couple of hours. I know that she needs to be made to slow down, she needs the sleep even if she doesn’t know it.

So it’s ironic that i find myself in a similar situation not half an hour later. Some part of my mind knows I’m tired and I should take a nap too. Still, I find myself with my computer in my lap, surfing web pages until a little voice reminds me that I should pray. Reluctantly I put away the computer and pull out my prayer book. I don’t want to stop being busy even as I’m putting up my feet. Yet when I do give in to that little voice, I say my prayers and then my head nods, my eyes close and I am fast asleep in my chair. I wake up half an hour later and laugh to myself. I am so much like my daughter. I need a wise parent to remind me to rest.

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