Nothing to Wear

Nothing to Wear

The temperature is 82 right now and I realized today that I don’ t have clothes for this weather. I’ve never been pregnant in summer before. I’ve got one nice white skirt with a stretchy waistband that I wore to church this morning. And then Sophie got chocolate all over it. I went to change out of it so I could treat the stains right away and stood in front of my closet in despair. i’ve got quite a few nice winter-weight skirts with stretchy waistbands. All of them looked way too dark and heavy for such a summery day. I’ve got one very old Indian print cotton skirt with a rip in the hem that I’m wearing now. Ok for around the house but not so much for going out in public. And I’ve got a couple each of black and gray stretchy cotton skirts that I’ve been wearing in rotation all winter long that I love but just don’t want to wear when it feels like it does now.

The thing is I’ve already made a trip to the maternity store near us and they had nothing for me in the way of skirts. Their entire selection was couple of mini skirts, a handful of dresses (not practical when one is still nursing) but they had absolutely not a single below the knees skirt. I prefer skirts to capris but even their selection of capris didn’t work for me. They all fit funny in the waist and hips.

I prefer skirts that are longer. Ankle length is my favorite and I’ll settle for mid-calf. I refuse to wear anything that doesn’t fall at least a couple of inches below my knees. I spend too much time down on the floor with the kids.

Is this just part of a general trend against skirts? I noticed this morning that I was one of maybe six women in mass wearing skirts or dresses. Every other woman was wearing slacks, jeans, capris or shorts.

Anyway, looks like I may have to go shopping this week. I wish I knew of a reliable source of not very expensive long skirts that a woman with a rapidly expanding waist might be able to wear. They don’t have to be maternity so long as they come in x-large and have a elastic waist.

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  • Yes, it’s mint chocolate chip. Funny that used to be my favorite when I was a little girl. At some point on the way to adulthood I switched to chocolate. But when I started getting ice cream with Bella regularly for some reason I switched and mint chip became our standard flavor to share.

  • Mint choc chip is a favourite round here too … though Cherub discovered double chocolate while we were at the seaside. Eek. I quite often choose strawberry these days, which is a flavour I never much liked as a child.

  • I love strawberry gelato. It was my favorite when I lived in Italy. (I always got a scoop of strawberry and a scoop of chocolate.) And I like strawberry ice cream when it is done well. But it’s rather hit or miss. Sometimes it just isn’t.

    I haven’t yet allowed Bella to discover choosing her own flavor. She just eats some of whatever I get. Mostly because the kiddie size cones all seem to me almost too big for me to eat much less her. It’s a constant complain Dom and I have. The cone I’m holding in the photo above is a kiddie size cone, and I’d already eaten quite a bit when Dom snapped the shot.

  • Oh my … that is considerably bigger than a standard size cone here! We usually just ask for a small scoop for Cherub, so she probably has around a third of that. If I had to buy that size then she would definitely be sharing too!

    And yes, it definitely has to be good strawberry ice cream – the sort that tastes of real strawberries. But I wouldn’t mix strawberry and chocolate. Strawberry and vanilla would be my preference. Nothing matches up to real Italian ice cream though, does it.

  • Yes the unfortunate American tendency to supersize everything. Dom and I spent a good five minutes ranting about it as we ate our ice creams.

    No, nothing matches a good Italian ice cream. I miss it so.

  • That ice-cream looks sooo nice.  My favourite is vanilla butterscotch.  It is cold here now but I could still eat ice-cream – if I wasn’t on a diet.