A Day Outside

A Day Outside

Dom wanted to get an early start to the day. He went out and got gasoline for the lawnmower while the girls and I were still eating breakfast. When he came back and started moving all the toys and furniture out of the way in the backyard, I knew that my leisurely plan of spending the morning doing laundry was shot. Sophie and Bella immediately began clamoring to go outside.

Sophie just about had a fit when I insisted on changing her out of her pajamas before she could go out. I took them out back and put her in the swing while i helped Dom move the table and hammock stand and then I took her into the front yard and let her crawl around while I weeded the front flower beds. When Dom came up to mow the front lawn, we moved to the back and I began weeding around the daffodils and tulips while Sophie sat in the wagon next to me.

We spent at least an hour outside until she got fussy and then we went in for a snack. Then Bella and Dom went to HD for lumber to make garden beds and Sophie and I returned to weeding. My sister came and sat in the sun with us for a while as the temperatures rose to a pleasant warm. (It eventually got up into the low 80s.)

We went back inside for lunch. Well, I got lunch and then we took it out to eat on the blanket. Then naps and as soon as she woke up Sophie was back outside again. Dom cooked burgers and corn on the cob on the grill and we ate them outside, only coming in as the sun was setting.

Isabella sits in the garden box that Dom made.


Sophie dines al fresco.

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  • I found all of my below-the-knee maternity skirts at Gap Maternity (though I have checked out their stuff this season so I’m not sure what’s available now).  I still wear the ones I bought from GM because they had such nice stretchy waistbands. Good luck finding what you need!

  • Thanks, Hallie, I was going to send you an email if you didn’t come by and comment. You’re the first person I thought of as I was writing this post.

    I looked at the Gap site and they show 4 maternity skirts, all that hit the models at the knees. Which means they’d definitely be minis on me.

    I thought that last time I was in Mohterhood they had at least one or two longer skirts but this time it was nothing. I think the fashion pendulum has swung this year and long skirts are simply not in. Unfortunately.

    But I’ll keep looking. I think much as I dread it tomorrow might be a trip to the mall.

  • Shopping for and not finding the clothing of one’s imagination is so time-consuming and fustrating.  You seem to be such a talented seamstress, with an eye for composition and color.  Any inspiration to sew some simple comfy skirts, with stretchy waistbands, in just the fabric and length you want?  You have plenty of things to do in your busy life, obviously, but I wondered if you might find creating exactly what you want more economical and enjoyable than shopping.

  • Do you have any thrift stores up there? Broomstick skirts would be my suggestion. They’re usually in the $5 range and come in lots of pretty colors and are very light weight. Draw string waists AND elastic bands.

  • You might try a web site of modest clothing called “Below the Knee.” I don’t know what sizes they carry or if they have styles with elastic waistbands.  I bookmarked them when I was looking for a long denim skirt—haven’t purchased anything yet, but it certainly looks like a valuable resource.

  • I purchases some nice things from [url=][/url] [i think that’s it].  Not maternity, but their stuff does run BIG and has elastic waists.  Even nicer, the more you purchase, the less expensive each item is.  I bought 4 skirts for $20 and each individual skirt was initially priced at about $10.  They are mid-calf, however, and not ankle length.  I’m too short for ankle lenght skirts.  Looks like I’m playing dress up in my mother’s clothing!

  • Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions.

    We went to Target today to get diapers and they did have a broomstick skirt in dark blue for $25, which I bought. I also stopped by Kohls, which was on the way, and found two 31” length polyester print skirts for $16 each. None of them is my ideal but I really needed something I can wear immediately. I may order another skirt or two online, but the budget is a bit tight so I might hold off too. I’m always a bit wary of buying clothes I haven’t tried on first because I’m so picky in the dressing room as it is.


    re: making my own skirts. I’m a pretty good quilter but all I really do is squares and rectangles. I’m very timid and haven’t really tried anything fancy. Sewing clothes scares me a bit because it’s working with big pieces of fabric as opposed to little and precision matters a bit more. I did make a few things back when I was in high school with the help of a friend who did a lot of sewing for the drama dept. But my one attempt at a skirt for myself had a visibly crooked hem and never fit right across the hips. Still, one of these days I might get up the courage to try something.

  • Women wear capri pants and shorts to Mass?  I thought we were laid back in Australia but I’ve never seen that.

  • Melanie, I am in a similar boat. I’ve never been this pregnant in the summer either although shirts are just as much a problem for me right now as, other than t-shirts, all the ones I can wear are long sleeved.

    There is one place I do buy long skirts from. They can be expensive so I always look for the sales, but if you can find one on sale in the size you want, they tend to be good quality and nice and long. [url=][/url]
    I know they are having a sale through May 3rd, using the code WKH4269 where if you spend $100 or more you get $25 off. I wouldn’t aim to spend so much on one skirt, but if you could get a few, it might be worth it.
    One caution: some of their skirts are dry clean only which isn’t ideal with little ones.

    I have skirts from them I have been wearing, but I admit they aren’t very Springy. The best I could do for Easter was a shiny forrest green one. Here’s counting down to baby’s arrival!