On Being a Lector

On Being a Lector

Being a lector is a unique experience; it feels nothing like reading poems, my own or anyone else’s, to an audience. And it’s certainly not a performance; no emoting, or the monks would have my hide. The Liturgy of the Word is prayer. You pray the scriptures with, and for, the people assembled, and the words go out to them in ways only God can imagine. The words are all that matter, and you send them out as prayer, hoping to become invisible behind them.

from The Cloister Walk by Kathleen Norris


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  • The spiky shoots actually look more like hosta than Lily of the Valley. You’ll know if they start uncurling very large leaves. Can’t remember the shrub’s name: mountain laurel, maybe?  Or viburnum?And yes, those do look like strawberry leaves.

  • Thanks Cathy,

    Hosta does seem a good candidate. I can’t remember exactly what the leaves look like. I guess time will tell.

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