The Sewing Room: Pleasures and Perils

The Sewing Room: Pleasures and Perils

Hooray!!! I finally cut and pieced the binding strips for Sophie’s quilt yesterday afternoon, machine stitched them to the front of the quilt, and began to hand stitch them to the back. I had the whole quilt, pieced and tied, finished except for the binding before she was born. Which means it’s been more than 13 months that I’ve been waiting to do this.

Bella discovered both of the perils of the sewing room yesterday: the hot iron and sharp pins. Fortunately the iron was off and already cooling down so after Dom applied aloe vera and TLC she has a little dark spot on the back of her hand but no blister. She insisted she needed medicine for the pin prick. I laughed—I’m not very sympathetic when I’m fighting with my sewing machine—but her indulgent father indulged her with more aloe. Then when I pricked myself several times she was incredulous that I didn’t want any medicine.

I’ll post pictures of the quilt when it is finished. More inducement for me to get it out and do more sewing.

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  • scotch meg,

    Thanks. I’ve seen it mentioned before but haven’t yet got my hands on a copy. I don’t buy many books. Not because I don’t want to but I’m trying to keep my fanaticism in reign. I do have a budget. I get a lot of books by trading on book swap sites but the Catholic ones don’t come up all that often. These were the three books I bought for the girls this year from what I allocated to myself for Easter. We’ll probably add Petook to our library next year.