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Girls in Sunhats

Another wonderful thing about spring is little girls in spring clothes. Dresses, sunhats, bare feet in the green grass. A checker at the grocery store stopped us on our way out to admire the girls and to ask how I get them to wear hats. She said her almost two year old absolutely refused. I […]

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Tulips and Dandelions

Continuing my celebration of spring with more flowers from my very own garden. I just can’t get enough of them. And I thought these shots came out amazingly well. First, a couple of the yellow tulips, now fully open. Next, pink tulips. Aren’t they delicate? We have had so few tulips and daffodils I haven’t […]

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Here Lies Arthur by Philip Reeve

I read this book late last year yet have never got around to finishing the review. I’m hoping to just plow through a bunch of book reviews to get them off my to do list. “People will tell you that Arthur isn’t dead. They’ll tell you how he was borne away to lie in enchanted […]

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Ames Pond

Today was a hot summery day; it got up into the 90s. After breakfast Bella began begging to go to the park and I didn’t have any other pressing plans so I agreed. After putting Sophie outside in the swing so she wouldn’t scream as I prepared snacks to take with us, I put the […]

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A Little Positive Reinforcement

Oh how wonderful it is when something you’ve worked at begins to bear fruit. Recently I’ve noticed how helpful Bella is. Just last night she went and found a cup of water for Sophia with no prompting from us. It seemingly just occurred to her that her sister might be thirsty. Of course, every time […]

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“Come All You Who Are Weary”

Sophie’s getting to the point where more often than not at nap time I nurse her and then she pulls away still awake and wanting to play. Nevertheless despite her protests i tuck her into her crib with her dolly, knowing that she might fuss for a few minutes and then she’ll be right out […]

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Sunday Shots

The weekend’s wonderful weather got everything blooming. I snapped a few shots last night of some of our new flowers. I’m not sure what this is. A sort of violet? They’re all over the place along the fence. Charming. Saturday morning this little tree in the front yard was covered with closed buds that showed […]

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Prayers for My Grandmother

My Grandma Millie, my dad’s mother, celebrated her 93th birthday this past week. Fortunately my dad was able to fly to Illinois to share in the occasion with her. The last time I saw Grandma was when she came to our wedding. It was amazing that she came at all, so very very good to […]

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Mmmm…. Ice Cream

Today the temperature soared into the 80s. This afternoon Dom and I snuck off to get ice cream for the first time this season while the girls were napping. Thanks so much to my poor sick sister for babysitting. It was a very nice date and good ice cream.

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Nothing to Wear

The temperature is 82 right now and I realized today that I don’ t have clothes for this weather. I’ve never been pregnant in summer before. I’ve got one nice white skirt with a stretchy waistband that I wore to church this morning. And then Sophie got chocolate all over it. I went to change […]

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