Caffinated Baby and Other Mishaps

Caffinated Baby and Other Mishaps

Following quickly on the heels of my discovery of the crayon in the library book was Bella’s wandering in to the dining room with black marker on her hands asking for help in washing them off.

“Where did you get that marker? What marker did you use?” I knew quite well that her black marker had completely dried out after she’d left the top off.

After a bit more coaxing, she ran to the office and brought back a very old permanent marker. Without a cap. Oh no.

I went back into the office to investigate. Sure enough some black marks on the arm of my glider rocker. And I eventually found the cap in the jar of pens on top of the bookcase. I said a few words about only using the markers in her bag and never taking anything off the office shelves. As I was finishing up that little speech and getting her to repeat the key points, I noticed some black grit on Sophie’s chin. She’d just crawled into the office at my heels.

I picked her up to wipe the dirty chin and noticed more black things in her mouth. Oh no. What has she got into now? I forced her mouth open and dug around with my finger pulling out hard black bits. I couldn’t figure out what they were and took them to Dom.

“Is it coffee?” he asked fingering the bits. And as he investigated further I raised my finger to my nose. “Yep. Sure is. This is going to be a fun night, isnt’ it?”

To make matters worse I put Sophie down to bed without her sleep sack. She’s fussed once briefly when I tucked Bella into bed but went back to sleep within less than a minute. And then fussed again a bit ago but again calmed down almost immediately. I sure hope we don’t have a rough night.

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  • I use the one volume book to pray the Liturgy of the Hours.  I couldn’t manage without the Ordo to tell me if it is a saint’s day or the Te Deum should be said etc

    I learned how to say the LotH by reading the book The Divine Office For Dodos by Madeline Pecora Nugent. 

    I agree with you that I like praying the Office by myself but then I don’t have two young children to look after.