Another First

Another First

There’s a first time for everything….

Bella’s never drawn or colored in one of our books before that I can remember. Sadly, our first experience of this was in one of the library books we picked up on Friday. I was flipping through it earlier today admiring the pictures. So I know definitely that the crayon marks were not there before. But when Bella asked me to read it just now several pages had bright orange marks across them.

She may have gotten confused because she just got two coloring books from her grandmother yesterday.

When I saw the markings I expressed disappointment. Then I took away the crayons to make a point, to much tears and anguish. Tomorrow we’ll sit down with the coloring books again and I’ll reinforce that these are the only books she can color in. And then I’m going to have to offer to buy the library book.

I have to admit this is one area where I have a hard time staying cool and collected.

Maybe we’re not ready for library books yet?

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