Unwinding at the End of the Day

Unwinding at the End of the Day

Why is it that on days I go to the grocery store I feel much less motivated to cook dinner? I’d think it would be just the opposite.

Maybe it’s that when I was single I’d go to the store primarily when I was hungry and out of things to cook. So shopping usually resulted in getting something to cook. Now I tend to shop from a list, thinking ahead for a week’s worth of meals and trying to curb the tendency to grab stuff because I’m hungry and it looks good. Maybe it’s just how much more draining going to the store with two little ones is than going by myself.

Anyway today’s grocery trip was positive. We tried a new store and I was quite pleased. After three and a half months here I’m still searching for the grocery store that will be my regular market. So far none have measured up, in terms of both price and selection, to the one I used to frequent in our old neighborhood.

Bella managed to stay dry through the whole trip and then had a potty success when we got home. She seems to do best in that scenario. I think all her successes to date have been after we’ve left the house. Interesting. Maybe we’ll have to make a point of going out more often in the mornings.

Unfortunately, Sophia fell asleep in the car on the way home. I successfully transferred her to the crib and she slept another half hour or so and then didn’t take another nap until she passed out in my arms for another half and hour or so around 4:30.

Dom had to work late, we had a late dinner; but got the girls into bed on time. But then Sophia started screaming and screamed hysterically for an hour and a half and couldn’t be consoled. She didn’t want to be rocked or held and screamed no matter what we did. Finally cried herself out. Once she was out, boy was she out. I suspect it was a matter of an upset stomach, she had a little gas when I first picked her up.

And now I think I’ve wound down enough to go to sleep. I meant to watch Lost and get to bed fairly early. Neither happened but so it goes.

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